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OnLeaks Releases the Early Renders of New iPhone for 2019

  • Jan 08,2019 | Apple
  • By Admin

Just on today, Twitter whistle-blower OnLeaks summed up the year’s leaks, with 23 of the 34 cases revealed being completely accurate, while one case of 75% accurate and 10 cases pending. His Revelations are statistically accurate from the data, but his upcoming rendering of an early 2019 iPhone is a little hard to believe.

Last September, OnLeaks predicted the next iPhone would be the iPhone XI, and now his new partner digitindia has made an early rendering, according to the report.

The images from digitindia show that the new iPhone would feature three cameras on the back, in a particularly strange aesthetic arrangement, housed in a huge camera square bump. The middle of the three cameras is positioned out of line with the other two, and the camera is offset above …

Onleaks says these renders are based on EVT hardware, so these aren’t locked down designs just yet. EVT stands for ‘engineering validation test’, and Apple hardware typically progresses from EVT to DVT (design validation test) to PVT (production validation test) stages.

OnLeaks Releases the Early Renders of New iPhone for 2019

However, details could change when new iPhone finally launches in September 2019, Apple is said to be planning three iPhones in September, 2019. It’s hard to say which one will carry the camera, but digitindia says it’s likely be the seam as they designed it that way.


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