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Auto-Empty Trash in macOS Sierra

Why You May Never Need to Empty Trash in macOS Sierra

With new and improved features like iCloud Drive and Optimized Storage, Apple is aiming to help Mac owners make the most use of their storage space in macOS Sierra. One of the remarkable changes [...]

May 23,2017 | Admin

the ransomware WannaCry spread

World’s Biggest Cyberattack Continues to Spread, North Korea: Keep a Pure Land

Last Friday on May 12, according to the report of Associated Press and the British Standards such as many media, a computer ransomware named WannaCry virus is spreading worldwide, in which 99 [...]

May 16,2017 | Admin

new French president Emmanuel Macron in Louvre Museum in Paris

Breaking News: Macron Wins Presidency as France Rejects Far-Right

“Tonight, you win, France wins!” the firmly “Europe staying” Emmanuel Macron spoke to the public in the Louvre Museum in Paris, who is the youngest president of France in history. Youngest [...]

May 09,2017 | Admin

Major Internet Companies Ditching Supports For the Apple Watch

Why Google Maps, Amazon and eBay Ditched Apple Watch Secretly

Major Internet Companies Ditching Supports For the Apple Watch According to the reports of latest tech news On May 2, 2017, Google Maps, Amazon and eBay are among the top tier apps that are no [...]

May 02,2017 | Admin