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AppleCare+ Eligibility for iPhone Extended from 60 Days to One Year

A customer who purchase a new iPhone are eligible to purchase AppleCare+ within one year, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter. Previously the period for buying AppleCare+ was [...]

Mar 23,2017 | Simon


Apple Hired iOS Researcher Jonathan Zdziarski to Its Security Engineering & Architecture Team

“Apple’s latest hire shows its stand on user security and privacy” Apple is well known as a company who values user security and privacy. Recently the tech giant recruited a [...]

Mar 16,2017 | Simon


WWDC 2017 Scholarships Will Accept Applications on March 27

Each year Apple will offer free WWDC scholarships for select student developers and STEM organization members who have no enough money to buy tickets for the conference. It could be a heavy [...]

Mar 09,2017 | Simon

How to Lock Your Macbook Pro with Touch Bar

How to Lock Your Macbook Pro with Touch Bar

Many customers, when they receive a new 2016 Macbook Pro, may spend a little time to figure out the settings, for instance, the new way of locking Mac screen. It is a good habbit to lock your Mac [...]

Mar 02,2017 | Simon