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New iTunes 12.7 Available Now Support iOS11and Apple Music Social Network

New iTunes 12.7 Available Now Support iOS11and Apple Music Socials

iTunes 12.7 is officially available now, with the support of iOS 11 device and new Apple Music features that allow you to follow friends and see what they’re listening to. After a series of [...]

Sep 25,2017 | Admin

iOS 11 Beta 5

Apple Releases iOS 11 Developer Beta 8 &Public Beta 7 to Developers

It’s a Monday morning, which means that a classic date for Apple to launch their upgrades. Not surprisingly, Apple this morning has released the eighth beta version and seventh public beta of iOS [...]

Aug 29,2017 | Admin

New iPhone 8 Rumors

New iPhone Rumors: More Information Revealed

With much closer to the launch of Apple’s new generation, more information has been revealed through the internet with a variety of resources. Now we’ll list the hotter news about iPhone 8 in [...]

Aug 21,2017 | Admin

Bill Gates donates $4.6 billion

Bill Gates Donates $4.6 Billion of Microsoft Stock: the Biggest Donation Since 2000

The Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the richest person in the world, has donated $4.6 billion of Microsoft stock, which equals with 5% Microsoft shares. This is the biggest donation of his since [...]

Aug 16,2017 | Admin

British Parliament Hit by cyberattack

The British Parliament Hit by Cyberattack Affecting Email Access

The British Parliament has been hit by a “sustained and determined” cyberattack attack to email system in an apparent attempt to break into the accounts of hundreds of MPs, Lords and their [...]

Jun 27,2017 | Admin

London Van Hits Passengers

London Van Hits Passengers in Finsbury Park: Latest Update

One person was killed, and several injured, when a van drove into pedestrians near Finsbury Park Mosque, north London, in the earlier of Monday morning, according to the report of CNN on June 18, [...]

Jun 19,2017 | Admin

Tim Cook in Commencement Address at MIT

Apple CEO Tim Cook Makes Fun at Windows PCs in Commencement Address at MIT

Apple CEO Tim Cook was invited to speech, and he delivered the commencement address on Friday at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he couldn’t help making a fun of his biggest [...]

Jun 12,2017 | Admin

Apple WWDC 2017

Apple WWDC 2017: Everything that was Announced at the Conference

On June 5 in San Jose, CA, Apple’s yearly, the week-long WWDC conference kicked off with announcing the latest updates of its new products, which mainly focuses on the software running on [...]

Jun 06,2017 | Admin

Apple WWDC show

Apple WWDC 2017: What to Expect

Apple’s annual WWDC conference kicks off Monday, June 5, and runs through Friday, June 9 nest week, in San Jose, California. For now the WWDC official has updated the schedule, Developers [...]

Jun 01,2017 | Admin

the ransomware WannaCry spread

World’s Biggest Cyberattack Continues to Spread, North Korea: Keep a Pure Land

Last Friday on May 12, according to the report of Associated Press and the British Standards such as many media, a computer ransomware named WannaCry virus is spreading worldwide, in which 99 [...]

May 16,2017 | Admin