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disk utility: create and delete a partition on mac

Disk Utility: Easily Create & Erase Partitions on Your Mac

In this post we are going to demonstrate the detailed process of creating and deleting  a partition on Mac OS X. There are some situations in which users need to create more than one partition on [...]

Sep 29,2016 | Simon


How to remove Adobe Flash Player and other Adobe products on Mac

When uninstall Adobe Flash Player or other Adobe products under Mac OS X, it’s very easy for the people to encounter this or that of kind of problem, such as program cannot be removed for [...]

Sep 20,2016 | Admin

Mac shortcuts

7 Useful Mac shortcuts you need to know

When using a Mac computer, it is inevitable to switch between the mouse and keyboard, if you can reduce the use of mouse and simply focus on the keyboard, you will be able to speed up your [...]

Sep 14,2016 | Admin


How can Stop the Help Window Being on Top on OS X

Does your Mac computer always displays the help window? Is it annoying or irritating for you? And have you ever thought about stopping it from the computer? Don’t worry, you will be able to [...]

Sep 07,2016 | Admin


How to Cancel Apple Music from auto-renewal

As a famous entertaining feature provided by the Apple, many people must be very familiar with the Apple Music, and even are using it right now, but at some point you may want to stop this [...]

Sep 01,2016 | Admin