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screenshot on Mac

How Do I Screenshot On My Mac?

As a MacBook Pro user, I think you should know how useful to use keyboard to capture your screen, I use the Command-Shift-4 method frequently to take a screenshot of a selection of my desktop, [...]

Apr 25,2017 | Admin

iPhone 8 with new features

iPhone 8 Rumors: Design, Features and Price

There are much rumors about the new product of Apple iPhone 8 every years before the launch, people get excited about talking iPhone for every year and their pocket. If the countless rumors are [...]

Apr 18,2017 | Admin

iOS 10.3.1

What’s New in iOS 10.3.1 & Should I Update?

Last month Apple officially released the iOS 10.3 with many known issues fixed. A week later it rolled out iOS 10.3.1 and solved some problems with 10.3. Now the second beta of iOS 10.3.2 has [...]

Apr 13,2017 | Simon


Tips & Tricks: How to Play/Edit Live Photos on Mac

Have took some Live Photos using your iPhone but have no idea how to play those picture videos on your Mac? Well, it is actually quite easy to view a Live Photo in Mac’s built-in Photos app, [...]

Apr 05,2017 | Simon