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How to Lock Your Macbook Pro with Touch Bar

How to Lock Your Macbook Pro with Touch Bar

Many customers, when they receive a new 2016 Macbook Pro, may spend a little time to figure out the settings, for instance, the new way of locking Mac screen. It is a good habbit to lock your Mac [...]

Mar 02,2017 | Simon


Simple Steps to Create Plain Text in TextEdit

TextEdit is a word processor and text editor that comes with all Mac computers. Once launched, its dialog box will ask if you want to open a document or create a new one. Compatible with many [...]

Oct 26,2016 | Simon

disk utility: create and delete a partition on mac

Disk Utility: Easily Create & Erase Partitions on Your Mac

In this post we are going to demonstrate the detailed process of creating and deleting  a partition on Mac OS X. There are some situations in which users need to create more than one partition on [...]

Sep 29,2016 | Simon