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uninstall Tor Browser

Cannot Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac? Check these removing problems

Cannot uninstall Tor Browser and don’t know why and how to fix the removing problem on your Mac? This browser removal now has been a common problem for many of its users. So now, [...]

Aug 25,2016 | Admin

iPhone Home Button

Things the iPhone’s Home Button Could Do

As one of the most popular cellphone in nowadays, iPhone has a great number of users all around the world, and nearly all of them would firstly know about the only button on the phone – the [...]

Aug 19,2016 | Admin

remove duplicate contacts

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts on Your Mac

If you have been used a Mac computer for a long time, there must be many contacts stored on your PC, and among which the repeated entries maybe accumulated in a great number, in this situation, [...]

Aug 11,2016 | Admin


Are you ready for the release iOS 10?

With the Apple released iOS 10 public beta 4 on 2 August, it seems like we are nearing the iOS 10, and many people are very interested about this new version of iOS, so do you get an [...]

Aug 03,2016 | Admin