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Auto-Empty Trash in macOS Sierra

Why You May Never Need to Empty Trash in macOS Sierra

With new and improved features like iCloud Drive and Optimized Storage, Apple is aiming to help Mac owners make the most use of their storage space in macOS Sierra. One of the remarkable changes [...]

May 23,2017 | Admin


Tips & Tricks: How to Play/Edit Live Photos on Mac

Have took some Live Photos using your iPhone but have no idea how to play those picture videos on your Mac? Well, it is actually quite easy to view a Live Photo in Mac’s built-in Photos app, [...]

Apr 05,2017 | Simon

Preference Panes on Mac

How to Manually Remove Preference Panes on Mac OS X

For a Mac computer, many of the computer’s settings and preferences can be accessed from System Preferences, and those installed applications also have their own specific preferences which [...]

Jan 16,2017 | Admin

Warnings on Mac

Steps to Disable “Are You Sure You Want to Open This File?” Warnings on macOS

As the most popular operating system among the computer, macOS provides a series of humane care and protection for the computer and user’s safety, and among which monitoring the items being [...]

Dec 09,2016 | Admin

Add Customized Options to Right-Click Menu

How to Add Customized Options to Right-Click Menu on Your Mac

Every user may have some tasks needed to be done regularly. How to make a repetitive task handy to complete? Have you ever thought of executing the task within a command? For instance, when you [...]

Nov 02,2016 | Simon


How to Batch Rename Files Using Automator

It is a good habit to tidy up your stuffs at regular intervals. In daily activities, we may need to rearrange many files and photos stored in the computer. Here is one of the common questions new [...]

Oct 19,2016 | Simon


Transfer Time Machine Backups to Another Hard Drive

Many Mac users may use the built-in Time Machine to backup all their data to an external drive. Once enabled, Time Machine will create incremental backups of files which users can use to restore [...]

Oct 10,2016 | Simon