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Samsung Note 9, Apple iPhone X Contrast Pictures

Samsung has officially launched the brand new Galaxy Note 9 smart phone in New York City, While Samsung touts the device’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset and 6GB or 8GB of RAM under-the-hood, but earlier benchmarks show the device is still outperformed by the iPhone X…

The S Pen has been upgraded with Bluetooth, so it can be used as a remote for things like playing and pausing movies, playing slideshows, and taking selfies. An S Pen SDK is coming later this year that will allow developers to integrate S Pen functionality into their apps. Dock-free DeX support is included in the Galaxy Note 9, allowing it to be connected to an external display.

In the design, Samsung Note 9 is more about fine-tuning the details based on the previous design, which is not as stunning as the original S8 or Note7 release, but is still a gorgeous smartphone, even among the huge market of mobile phone products available today.

Samsung Note9, Apple iPhone X Contrast Pictures

The high level of industrial design, Samsung still receive a good reflection through market. The comparison chart released by foreign media and apple iPhone X can also verify Samsung’s strength in this aspect.

Through the contract pictures, we can see, the Samsung Note 9 is still a ‘slender’ model in terms of both sizes, while the iPhone X looks more even and less ‘skinny’. The two are about the same width visually, while the Note9 is much higher in height

On the positive side, the left and right sides of the Samsung Note 9 are much narrower visually than the iPhone X, while the top and bottom bezels are a little wider than the iPhone X, but still narrow and visually stunning.

Overall, the iPhone X has a slightly more curved shape than the Samsung Note 9, which looks boxy, but that’s the way the Note series has been designed in recent years.

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